Ozark Mountain Daredevils


These pictures in 1978 are backstage at the Uptown Theatre on New Year's Eve at the Ozark Mountain Daredevils show. There was a blizzard that night and we all made it there in spite of the weather. The poster is for another New Year's Eve show 2 years later. The big picture is another time in the summer. We fed the Daredevils many times over the years. A story is soon to be added.




Penny & Debbie
Debbie, Danny, Bryant, Rog


Tom, Debbie, Jim, & Penny
Lizard & Rat


Sheri, Tom, Jim, & Penny
Rat, Lizard, Rog, & Marlene


Boogie, Rog, Penny, Lynn, Danny
Tom, Patty, Whit, Lizard, James, Zero, Debbie, Sheri


Dan, Bob, Zero, Lizard, Chip, Lee, Rog
Chip, Rog, Lizard, Lee


Keith, Rog, Lee, Bob, Rat, Zero,
Lizard, Danny
Keith, Rog, Lee, Bob, Rat, Zero,
Lizard, Danny, Magician


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