Last Night at Sandstone (not)
Friday, September 7, 2007
REO Speedwagon, Kansas, & .38 Special
(photos by Paul Chokota)


'Kansas' on stage.


Debbie Reves,
Queen of Sandstone for 23 years


Chris Fritz, Moi, Paul, Rat, Dan
Paul, Stormy, Chris


Deb and Me
Us & Ray


Rat and Dan
Chris Fritz and Me


Dennis, Rat, Dan, Penny
Deb C., Rat, Dan


Deb and Jim
Rat, Deb, Dan, Penny


Ray and Ratty
Stormy and Proud Dad


Dennis, Mark, Rat
Mark and Chris


Deb, Jim, and Me
Deb and Me in kitchen


Deb C. & Larry H.
Mark, Me, and Mark G.


Kevin Pew
Kevin Cronin of REO

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